Hi Sweeties!

I’m back! Yes, I took a loooooong break but I’m back. Back with with news, happiness and free printables!

I know I haven’t post in a while on my blog but the people who know me from the beginning know I didn’t stop, I just found an other medium to post all the stuff I created, Instagram! ;-)

On instagram I started posting my drawings, illustrations and sketches. Late 2016 I found an other love, cardmaking.

People started telling me I should make my own stamps, I loved the idea but I had no idea how I could realize something like that. I love making illustrations and cards, to combine the things I like to do the most sounds amazing.

Soo… I decided to make my own stamps, digital stamps. No physical stamps, just stamps you can print at home. I will open my Etsy shop soon but for now, my first digital stamp will be available from tonight at my blog, for free! <3

So before you are clicking to the next article with free digital stamps I would like to ask you to take a moment to visit Snow & Tina‘s Instagram. They both were such a big help with creating the digital stamps! X

Do you want to be up to date about my digital stamps? Make sure you follow me on instagram!

 hugs, Isabel


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