Opening Etsy shop + Free digital stamp

Yay! My Etsy shop is open! To celebrate the opening of my Etsy shop I’m giving one of my digital stamps away, happy crafting!
Good evening!

Last week was the opening of my Etsy shop! I can´t thank you enough for all your lovely comments, support and of course the orders!
I’ve been very busy with the opening the last couple of weeks and I am so happy you all like my digi stamps!

For the people who missed the opening on instagram:

Welcome to my Etsy page!

You can find this adorable owl family in my Etsy shop!

And you can find this cute little Pegasus carousel in my Etsy shop too, including accessories! AND there is also an Unicorn available, yay for unicorns! The sets are mix and match sets which means you can use both accessories on both horsies. (This set has more accessories than the picture above, just visit my Etsy page and you will see)

Are you a fan of unicorn birthday cakes? Me too! I can’t bake but I know how to make a digital print! ;-) You can find this cute little unicorn cake with flowers and cupcake in my Etsy shop!

You can also find nanny Poppins in my etsy store!


Or are you more a fan of a fox? You can find this cute little fox in my Etsy shop too!

Are you excited about the free digital stamp? Me too and I know what the freebee is!! Silly me…
*Can I have another drum roll please?*


Oh before you download the freebee, please make sure to read this, because we don’t like any misunderstandings right?

Terms of use:
– You can use this image for any of your own personal craft projects
– You are not allowed to redistribute, reproduce or re-sell the image in any way

*Drum roll*

It’s a personal thank you in my own handwriting! Just because I want to thank you for all your support!

I hope I made your day and I cant wait to see what you create!

Please share all your creations with my digital prints by using the hashtag #Isabelcristinastamps or tagging me in the picture @isabelcristinanl

Happy  craft day!

Isabel Cristina





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